Resource Page

This page is a list of things that I am currently using that I would recommend everyone try out.


Anki is a great free web-app for creating flashcards with an SRS software.

When most people try to learn facts for a test they use lots of repetition and they try to force their brain to remember it. That way of learning is a complete waste of time. Not only does it take more time then it needs to but you are probably going to forget half of what you learned by the next day.

Anki is great because it is free to use on your computer (they also have a mobile app but that costs $25). Anki is similar to flashcards but when you learn a fact on Anki it shows you it again just as you are about to forget it. Doing this helps your brain build strong mental connections to these facts.

Mind Meister

This is the software that I use to create all of my Mindmaps which I use for almost everything.

Mind Mapping makes your notes extremely easy to navigate through. If you want to find something in your notes you just need to follow the branches until they lead you directly to what you are looking for. It also makes it much easier to remember everything you write down because you are connecting everything together. You can go directly to Mind Meister to try it for yourself Here.

Some of the main things you can use mind mapping for is things like notes for school, presentation planning, group projects, brainstorming, book writing and basically anything you’d like. In fact, I used a Mind Map before I created this post so I can organize all of my ideas.


I have currently started using Acorns to start saving money, This app takes things one step further by investing my money in different things for me. Since I am already a user when you sign up using my link you get $5 free.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is the best website for learning or studying any subject. If I didn’t need a degree I would get my education on this website.


Pre-committing is easy when there is a single moment of success or failure. But many goals require you to make steady progress every day.

This is where Beeminder comes in handy. Beeminder is a web service which lets you set process-based goals. Then it creates a graph of your goal for you with a line showing where you need to be in order to reach your goal. You enter what progress you have made towards your goal every day. If you fall below the line for more than a day you fail your goal. Beeminder is the tool that helped me increase motivation the most.

Many people use Beeminder to lose weight, to exercise, to drink less, and to get more stuff done. Once you set a goal on Beeminder you can change it however you like, But the changes only take effect a week later. This will keep you honest so you don’t cheat out on your goal.


Beeminder is free to use, but you can pledge money on a goal. If you pledge money to a goal and fail beeminder gets the money if you succeed you keep it. If you would like to learn more about beeminder click here to visit their site.