How to make your own mind map to Learn Anything.

The Best Way to Remember Anything

Being in college, taking notes is a big thing. So over time I have tried many different note taking methods. I found that mind mapping is the best by far. Even if you aren’t trying to pass a class or in school mind mapping can be a useful tool.

What is Mind Mapping?

A mind map is a diagram for representing tasks, words, concepts, or items linked to and arranged around a central concept or subject. When you were younger have you ever made a brainstorming tree? If so then that’s basically the same thing as a mind map, with the bottom of the tree being the main idea and all of the other ideas branching off of it.

Here is an example of a mind map.

Mind Mapping

As you can see the main idea is in the middle and all sub ideas start to branch off from there. This basically creates a “map” of your thoughts.

Why is mind mapping useful?

Mind Mapping makes your notes extremely easy to navigate through. If you want to find something in your notes you just need to follow the branches until they lead you directly to what you are looking for. It also makes it much easier to remember everything you write down because you are connecting everything together.

By connecting different topics together it makes recalling information much easier for you. If you use an app like I do(which I recommend) you can access your mind maps from anywhere on all of your devices.

What should you use Mind Mapping for?

Some of the main things you can use mind mapping for is things like notes for school, presentation planning, group projects, brainstorming, book writing and basically anything you’d like. In fact, I used a Mind Map before I created this post so I can organize all of my ideas.

Mind Mapping

This Mind Map was quick and easy to make with an app called Mind Meister. Doing this before I wrote this post made it easy to quickly brainstorm in an organized way. This basically laid out the entire foundation for this post.

How to make your own mind map.

The simplest way to make your own mind map is to draw it out with pen and paper. When you are writing notes by hand sometimes it is hard to make it look organized and to be honest that doesn’t really matter that much. You should just write what you need to and then draw lines connecting it to other notes. I used to do this with all of my notes until I started using apps for it.

There are a few different reasons I started using an app to store all of my mind maps instead of my notebook. One of those reasons is that when you use an app you never run out of room on your page. You can literally make your map as big as you want. Another reason is that you can search through your notes by looking for specific words like you would on google. It also makes your notes available on all of your devices.

What software to use?

MindMeister is the app which I have determined through lots of testing is the best one for me. I used to use an app called mind vector. It was great at making the maps but it wasn’t very good at saving them. With MindVector entire maps that I made would  be deleted. So I did some looking and found MindMeister, it does basically the same thing as mind vector but it actually saves all of your maps very well. If you would like to use it you can click here and it will bring you to their site.

I pay to use MindMeister but you get three mind maps for free that you can keep re-using. On MindMeister, I would make a mind map and take a screenshot of it. Then delete it so I can make a new one. But eventually I caved in and bought it and I believe it is worth the price (which is $6.50 per month).

Hopefully you try out mind mapping for yourself. If you have any questions fell free to comment below id be happy to help.

  • Peggy Vance

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  • George

    xMind – is completely free to use, you can save your maps in .svg(vector) and any bitmap graphic. For more sophisticated exports, ie gannt diagrams there is paid premium. But yuu can use it in basic as well with all functionality you need.